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British Chambers of Commerce National Programme

As an accredited Chamber in the UK we offer a range of export training courses accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce. The National Trade Training programme equips businesses up and down the country with a highly skilled workforce ready to take on international markets. The BCC developed this service in response to the government’s focus on the need to grow the number of UK exporters as part of the UK recovery plan.

The National Trade Training programme includes courses for exporters including a number of topics central to supporting any export drive. It involves a series of nine centrally accredited courses covering a core export skills curriculum. These courses are mapped to Level 2 NVQ terminology and provide invaluable basic skills for small and large companies alike.

In order to succeed, candidates must demonstrate knowledge of the subject which is marked by external examiners. On successful completion of the course each candidate receives a BCC accredited certificate, and for completing six of the nine courses merits a special presentation of a Foundation Award in International Trade.

The nine courses cover:

It’s vital to keep up to date with export and import requirements, because practices in world trade change quickly….that’s why the Foundation Award in International Trade is important to me and my employer – its helped to shape our current shipping procedures, validate my industry experience and commitment to continuous professional development”


The Foundation in International Trade has provided myself with a vast amount of knowledge that I use during every working day, and it has allowed me personally to become more independent, efficient and confident with my work”

BRAD-LEWIS MORTIMER – Weir Minerals Europe Limited

Before I started the foundation award I had very little knowledge of exporting, the courses have really helped me develop the knowledge and understanding of what goes in to all aspects of exporting. From documentation to using the right commodity codes, I have left every class feeling more confident about dealing with exporting jobs. I would recommend any of the courses for both beginners & people that have been dealing in export for a while, it is always good the refresh your knowledge”

JIMMY CASH – Lighting and Illumination Technology Experience Ltd

If booking any of the above courses please quote BCCNP.

For further information contact Marie White:  /  01254 356448