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East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce is the collective voice for business in the area, representing the views and interests of our Members at local, County, regional and national levels.

Reaching Britain’s true economic potential

Our task is to create an environment where businesses can flourish and to act on those issues that are out of our members’ direct control.

By joining together with Chambers of Commerce across the North West, Britain and Europe, we can raise your concerns, with expert staff influencing decisions wherever they are made. ‘Chamber of Commerce’ is uniquely recognised worldwide as the business-representative brand – correspondingly commanding access and respect at the highest levels.

Our lobbying activities are shaped by regular surveys and by business meetings which are organised on both sector and locality bases, ensuring that we accurately reflect the interests of business across all parts of Pennine Lancashire. We run high-profile campaigns as well as acting discretely behind the scenes or with partner agencies.

Another key activity is to provide information to our members about European, national, regional and local policy proposals that are likely to impact upon business, and to provide feedback from the business community. Equally importantly we seek to influence policy formulation at the design stages, and we have accordingly deliberately positioned ourselves in positions of authority on many important agencies and government bodies, to ensure that East Lancashire’s voice is to the fore.

If there are issues that you would like us to take up on your behalf, or you have comment on current Government or other policies, please contact our President or Chief Executive

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