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Britain has improved its position among the world’s top manufacturing nations, moving up the league table to its strongest position since 2008

The UK was the world’s eighth-biggest nation by manufacturing output in 2015 – the most recent year for which internationally comparable data are available – with just over 2 per cent of total output, according to calculations by Made Here Now based on the latest figures from the United Nations’ statistical database.

The numbers underline the relative strength of Britain’s position in world manufacturing, even in the face of the rapid advances over the past 20 years by developing nations led by China, which claimed the largest share of world manufacturing in 2015 followed by the US, Japan, Germany, South Korea, India and Italy.

There is national recognition that manufacturing matters. The Chamber chairs the Regional Manufacturing Forum which besides having leading and typical manufacturers from each part of the NW, like BAE Submarines, Bentley Cars, PDS (CNC Machining), also comprises the major sector alliances (Aerospace and Automotive), Universities, and specialised agencies. There are also representatives of all of the Region’s Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and B.E.I.S.

The Regional Forum seeks to develop NW supply chains, link innovation in Higher Education Institutes to Industry, to promote manufacturing as a rewarding career option and to increase the take-up of national programmes like the Advanced Manufacturing Supply Chain Initiative (AMSCI), MAS and Regional Growth Funds (RGF). Contact: Miranda Barker

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