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Microsoft Office Training in East Lancashire

Chamber Business Training offers a comprehensive range of Microsoft office training courses including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and more. These play a crucial role in the daily operations of most businesses, making it imperative that individuals seeking office-based careers undergo Microsoft training.
Courses are led by our expert trainers who are Microsoft certified MIE Experts. Our head office in Lancashire serves as our main training venue, whilst we also deliver training online and at corporate locations for groups with specific training needs. We train a maximum of eight delegates at any time to allow customisation and increased personal tuition.
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Call us on 01254 356442 or email to learn more.

Our Microsoft Office training courses are designed to accommodate individuals of all levels and requirements, ranging from beginners to intermediate and advanced users. All training is ‘hands-on’, using realistic business scenarios. Delegates are provided with a workbook to support in-session and continued learning.
If you’re unable to find a specific course you’re looking for or require something bespoke, we invite you to contact us for further assistance.

This training course is designed to introduce you to the key features of Microsoft Teams, covering a wide range of functions, from chat and meetings to document collaboration, ensuring that you have the necessary skills to make the most of Microsoft Teams’ communication and collaboration tools.

This course builds upon the skills acquired and practiced in the Teams Introduction. It delves further into the cloud and document collaboration, learning techniques such as inserting elements, managing, and sharing files, resources, and adding applications.

Explore how Microsoft 365 can be utilised to enhance communication, promote collaboration, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. Acquire a deep understanding of OneNote basics and familiarise yourself with the suite’s diverse set of tools and features such as Outlook for Business, One Drive, SharePoint, Project, Visio, Yammer, Sway and other applications.

This training course provides an introduction to Microsoft SharePoint, covering both basic and advanced concepts. You will gain insights into key features, installation procedures, site collection management, development tools, and the utilisation of SharePoint on the Azure platform.

New to Microsoft Word and looking to learn the basics? With step-by-step guidance, our Microsoft Word Introduction Training course is designed to equip you with essential skills to create and format a word document from scratch. You will learn how to use the text editing functionality and built-in templates to increase your productivity.

Our Microsoft Word Intermediate Course is ideal for those with a basic understanding of Word or who have completed our Microsoft Introduction Course. This course will advance your proficiency beyond basic word processing to taking advantage of Word’s more advanced features. You will learn to use styles, page numbers, headers, format and populate tables, charts, and columns, and more.

This Microsoft Word Advanced training course will teach delegates how to deal with more complex documents, like specialist legal or contracts, or documents that need high levels of automation. Learn how to create electronic forms and start to use macros to automate repetitive tasks.

Are you new to Microsoft Excel and looking to learn the fundamentals of spreadsheet creation and management? Our Microsoft Excel Introduction training course is designed for beginners who want to gain essential skills in Excel. With hands-on practice and easy-to-follow instruction, you’ll learn how to navigate the software, enter, and manipulate data, and create basic formulas and charts.

Our Microsoft Excel Intermediate course is suitable for those who have used excel before and looking to expand their knowledge. This course will provide in-depth training on advanced formulas, formatting techniques, and tools to enhance data analysis including Pivot Tables.

The Microsoft Excel Advanced course will benefit the more experienced spreadsheet users. The course will cover logical functions, lookup functions and the new dynamic array functions and how to combine these to solve specific problems. You will learn how to use Excels Power Query tool to import and manipulate data and start recording macros to automate repetitive tasks and increase productivity.

Our Microsoft PowerPoint Introduction course is designed for beginners. This course is specifically designed to teach you the basics of creating and formatting slides, adding images and multimedia, and delivering a persuasive presentation.

This Microsoft PowerPoint Intermediate course is for those who have prior experience using PowerPoint and a desire to build on their existing knowledge. You will learn how to build presentations that are more professional and reflect corporate standards, using automation to link to external programs and set up company templates.

Throughout this Microsoft PowerPoint Masterclass course, you will learn advanced techniques for creating slides, working with graphics and multimedia elements to produce compelling presentations, utilising special effects, and mastering PowerPoint’s more advanced delivery tools.

Want to become proficient in one of the most widely used email programmes in business? Aimed at new users, this Microsoft Outlook Training course will cover all the basics of using email. Discover how to manage attachments and organise your messaging system. Additionally, you will learn how to automate Outlook, utilise electronic calendars, and optimise the contacts folder.

If you’re new to Microsoft Access and wish to learn the fundamentals of database management, our Microsoft Access Introduction training course is an excellent starting point. Throughout this course, you will learn how to create tables, forms, queries, reports, and manage data efficiently.

Designed for individuals who have either completed our introductory course or gained some experience, our Microsoft Access Intermediate course will look at making the database components work harder with automation. Learn more complex ways to use the queries tool to give instant data specific results and create a menu driven database that is more accessible for colleagues to use.

Our Microsoft Access Advanced training course will provide delegates with the tools to automate database tasks using macros and build a better user interface. Learn how to store the database on the server and give colleagues selective menus and forms relevant to their jobs.

Our Microsoft Project Introduction training course is designed for individuals who have little or no prior experience with Project but want to learn the essentials. You will gain a fundamental understanding of Project, including its interface, tasks, timelines, budgets, and resources.

Our Microsoft Project Intermediate Training Course will allow existing users to better understand the technical aspects of how the ‘Scheduling formula’ works and have full control when producing more complex plans. Learn how resources from one source can be used on multiple projects and how to use customising and automation to create projects that are specific to your needs.

Looking to create professional diagrams and visualisations? Our Microsoft Visio Introduction training course is designed to help you get started. During the course, you will learn how to use Visio’s powerful tools to create various types of diagrams: process maps, floor plans or business process flows. All the basics of how to add, edit and format different shapes as well as layout and printing options will be covered.

Aimed at existing Visio users, this course will build on the basics and show you how to customise and automate different aspects of shapes, stencils, pages, layers, and diagrams. Learn how to set up and reuse specific templates and how to link Visio to Excel or web pages.

This Introduction to Microsoft Power BI Training Course offers a comprehensive overview of the basics. In this course, you will learn how to connect to different data sources, create compelling visualisations, and build interactive dashboards and reports.