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Interpersonal Skills Training

In today’s business landscape, achieving success involves more than just individual expertise; it encompasses the art of effective human interaction. The ability to forge connections, empathise and lead are what sets individuals apart.
Chamber Business Training offers an array of transformative courses focused on interpersonal skills, designed to empower the emerging workforce and ambitious professionals to master the art of effective communication and collaboration.
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Through our meticulously crafted training programmes, you will acquire an indispensable toolkit of interpersonal abilities, thus enabling you to confidently navigate various workplace scenarios with confidence. Whether you’re aim is refine active listening, enhance your conflict resolution acumen, or hone your teamwork skills, our courses are tailored to cater to your unique journey, ensuring that you emerge as a well-rounded and invaluable asset in any organisational setting.

Join us to cultivate the essential skills demanded by modern workplaces that not only build careers but nurture lasting relationships and influential leadership.

This communication skills workshop will allow you to build connections, influence others, and communicate with clarity and impact. You’ll achieve this through refining your active listening skills and improving your verbal, non-verbal and written communication strategies.

In this course, you will explore the psychology of presenting and the mechanics of telling a great story. Additionally, you’ll acquire proven techniques to not only conquer the fear of public speaking, but to master it. This course will teach you to embrace and mange nerves, build confidence and harness the power of body language to captivate any audience.

This course aims to provide you with a clear grasp of the concepts behind transactional analysis, including a practical understanding of TA drivers, ego states and game theory. Additionally, you will explore your own favoured ego state and driver, along with the implications of these states on your communication.

The Neurodiversity Awareness workshop serves as an introductory guide for organisations aiming to create an inclusive workplace. It helps establish an environment where neurodiverse individuals can feel safe, supported, and able to perform at their best. Additionally, we offer insights into essential support mechanisms for neurodivergent employees, while also emphasising the benefits of nurturing teams that embrace neurodiversity.

Emotional Intelligence distinguishes average employees from star performers. Exceptional achievers possess high self-awareness, adeptly manage emotions, motivate themselves, and excel in interpersonal skills – all vital in the workplace.

Effective time management results in increased productivity, diminished stress, and the capacity to accomplish more in a shorter timeframe. This workshop enables participants to reflect on their individual circumstances with respect to time management principles, and to surmount any challenges by emphasising prioritisation and strategic planning.