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Adhering to best practices in health and safety isn’t just crucial for minimising risks and ensuring a secure environment; it’s also imperative for complying with government regulations.
While regulatory compliance forms the foundation of safety, our courses transcend this baseline. They empower your team with proactive strategies to spot potential hazards, diminish risks, and cultivate a safety culture that goes beyond legal requirements.
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At Chamber Business Training, we are dedicated to ensuring the well-being of your workforce and the overall security of your workplace. Through our comprehensive suite of Health and Safety courses, we facilitate the enhancement of your team’s proficiency and expertise in risk management and the creation of a safer work setting. From Fire safety to heavy lifting and Fork Lift Truck operation, our diverse course offerings, crafted by subject-matter experts, cater to your skills, experience, and requirements.

Our courses go beyond theoretical teachings, delving into the intricacies of modern workplace safety and understanding real-world challenges. We foster a dynamic learning environment that encourages interactive discussions, case studies and practical simulations ensuring your employees are engaged and well-equipped to identify potential hazards, mitigate risks, and respond effectively in any situation.

We recognise that every workplace is unique. Our courses are adaptable to your specific industry, ensuring relevant training that addresses your organisation’s safety challenges. We offer industry recognised certifications for select courses, highlighting your commitment to safety and your reputation as a responsible employer.

Explore our diverse range of Health and Safety courses and take the first step towards creating a safe, productive, and confident workforce.

This course equips participants with a basic understanding of slinging and lifting, enabling them to carry out their lifting operations using safe and accurate techniques, statutory requirements and without any risk to health. The training course covers essential topics including HASAW Act/Code of Practice, types of slings and usage, accessing dangers and checking routes, hand signals, lifting, moving, and lowering loads and operational practice.

This highly impactful course provides insights into employing a simple, yet proven method to preventing and correcting problems or nonconformities within an organisation. We discuss the methodological approach to fault finding, enacting preventative and corrective measures, and ensuring clear and effective reporting and documentation. Completion of this training will play a pivotal role in formulating procedures that fulfil quality management standards for systematic investigation of failures and corrective actions.

This complete in-depth Fire Marshal Training Course will ensure that you are compliant with the Fire Safety Order Act 2005 and other current legislation. You’ll gain a clear grasp of your legal responsibilities concerning workplace fire safety and become well-acquainted with fire safety management procedures and hazards, as well as the practical use of fire extinguishers. Accreditation is available upon request.

Upon completion of this Fork Lift Truck training, you’ll possess the ability to operate the truck both safely and efficiently. You will be able to perform a pre-use inspection, assessing weight and stability, handling loading and unloading responsibilities, and gain a comprehensive understanding of safety codes, maintenance procedures, and proper parking techniques.

The NEBOSH National General Certificate offers preparation in effectively handling workplace risks. The programme spans an extensive array of crucial subjects, including Health and Safety monitoring and measurement, both physical and psychological well-being, musculoskeletal heath, chemical and biological agents, general workplace issues and work equipment.

Offering a comprehensive grasp of Health and Safety matters, the NEBOSH Health and Safety for Construction (UK) course adheres to CDM regulations and legislation while emphasising best practice. Participants will acquire both the assurance and technical competencies to address unsafe behaviours and exert a positive impact on fellow peers, encouraging a safer work environment.

The NEBOSH Fire Certificate helps you learn and develop fire safety skills that are relevant across diverse work environments. This certification offers insights into effective fire safety management, safeguarding structures against fires, identifying ignition sources and implementing control measures. Additionally, it covers fire safety risk assessment and ensuring the well-being of individuals in the event of a fire.