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The marketing industry’s rapid transformation calls for continuous professional development and constant learning. Staying on top of industry trends and mastering essential skills is crucial for every marketer on their journey to success.
Whether you’re a marketing beginner seeking to grasp the Basic Principles of Marketing, an aspiring LinkedIn expert eager to unlock new opportunities, or a seasoned digital marketer looking to harness the full potential of Social Media for Business, we have the perfect marketing courses tailored to meet your career goals.
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Our courses delivered at East Lancs Chamber of Commerce make it easy to sharpen your skills, expand your knowledge and keep up with the latest marketing trends.

Why choose us?

Chamber Business Training is a leading provider of training in East Lancashire, recognised for our outstanding reputation and long and successful history in upskilling and empowering professional development.
Our marketing courses are led by our experienced specialist trainers, who are all actively involved in the field. You’ll gain practical insights and real-life expertise to navigate the dynamic marketing landscape, covering topics such as effective communication, marketing essentials, and strategies to grow your skillset.
Our courses can be delivered as an in-person workshop or a bespoke, in-company training session.

Our Basic Principles of Marketing workshop offers an engaging and informative introduction to marketing as a powerful business tool. By attending, you will enhance your comprehension of marketing principles, enabling more strategic decision-making related to price, promotion, and your target audience. You will learn effective techniques to build strong connections with your audience by genuinely listening and engaging with them, allowing you to apply your newfound knowledge directly to your business.

Our LinkedIn Introduction training course is an intensive half-day session for beginners or individuals who lack confidence and seek guidance on maximising the platform’s potential. This course will bring you up to speed in using LinkedIn as a business tool, helping you to build your network and capitalise on the millions of professional contacts within your reach. Starting with an in-depth introduction to LinkedIn, along with key strategies for outreach, profile enhancement, social engagement, and lead generation. By the end of the course, you will feel more self-assured in establishing meaningful connections and leveraging LinkedIn’s potential for driving business growth and achieving success.

Our social media training course is for individuals responsible for managing company pages. Beginning with an overview of essential social media channels and their optimal usage, the course delves into the intricacies of social media business pages, and tips on how to maximise their reach. Participants will learn how to craft compelling content, establish a strong brand presence, and optimise page engagement for exceptional results. Discover the best sources for high-quality content, identify high-performing posts and determine the best posting times to transform engagement into valuable leads and potential sales.