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    Certificates of Free Sale (CFS) Export Licenses

    Certificates of Free Sale are issued by  Import Licencing Branch (ILB) to exporters. This is increasingly necessary – mainly for goods that come into contact with humans such as cosmetics – in countries that by comparison do not have such stringent product safety standards and enforcement as the EU. CFS declarations effectively confirm that the goods listed meet the UK/EU’s high safety standards as they are being sold in the EU single market.

    Please see Notice to Importers 2940 issued on 31 December 2020 by Import Controls policy and licencing team, Department for International Trade.

    There are several government departments that issue Certificates of Free Sale:

    • Defra for goods that come into contact with animals (veterinary medicines for example)
    • the Department of Health issues CFS for medicines
    • the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for biocides

    Saudi Arabia Product Conformity Programme

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has implemented a Product Conformity Programme for exports to the country. All products require a Certificate of Conformity also referred to as a SASO Certificate of Conformity to enable customs clearance. Please contact one of the following organisations, Bureau Veritas/BIVACIntertek Group plcSGSTÜV Rheinland UK(SASO Guide)

    Turkey – Exporter Registry Form for Textiles & Ready Made Garments

    Exporters of Textiles & Ready Made Garments to TURKEY are being asked by the Turkish Authorities to complete an Exporter Registry Form. When completed, the form should be certified by East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce & Industry and then legalised by the Foreign Common wealth Office (FCO). This then becomes part of the full form which Turkish Importers must submit to the Turkish Authorities. The Form should be printed on company letter head paper and signed by Proprietor, Partner, Director or Company Secretary. (Turkey Exporter Registry Form).

    Mexico – Certificate of Country of Origin

    To be completed for all goods destined for Mexico (Mexico – Certificate of Country of Origin)

    Phytosanitary Certification

    You may need a phytosanitary certificate if you export the following goods to certain countries outside of the European Union (EU); any tree, wood, bark, soil or forest tree seed, non-manufactured wood products in the form of packaging cases, boxes, crates, drums or pallets, used forestry machinery.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    The Spirit Drinks Verification Scheme, including Certificates of age and origin

    This is a new measure designed to safeguard the reputation and authenticity of UK produced spirit drinks with a Geographical Indication (GI). It implements the requirement in Regulation (EC) No 110/2008 that GI products must be verified as compliant with their technical specifications. The scheme launched on the 10 January 2014.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    Common Agricultural Policy

    uses a system of refunds and levies to maintain pricing levels and availability. If you want to export or import licensable goods or claim refunds you must be registered with the Rural Payments Agency (RPA), which manages the CAP schemes.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    Department for Culture, Media and Sport

    Certain cultural objects more than 50 years of age and valued above specified financial thresholds will require an individual licence for export out of the United Kingdom whether on a permanent or temporary basis.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    Health and Safety Executive

    Regulation (EU) 649/2012 affects all European Union based companies involved with the export or import of chemicals or articles containing chemicals. It is commonly known as the Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Regulation. Its aim is to share information on dangerous chemicals, including how to store, transport, use and dispose of these chemicals safely.
    See guidance on how to apply

    Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

    Import and exports of animals and animal products represent an important and significant contribution to the UK economy – but they can also bring with them the risk of animal diseases. Imports are therefore subject to strict controls at the UK border under EU and national rules.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    Agriculture, Horticulture and Fisheries

    Regulations, charges or other restrictions may apply to agriculture, horticulture and fisheries exports as they leave the UK and when they arrive at their destination country. It is important that you research both sides of the transaction.
    See guidance on how to apply.

    Saudi Arabian Business Introduction Letters/Employer Support Letters

    It’s a requirement that all Saudi Arabian Business Introduction Letters/Employer Support Letters provided by UK companies to support their applications for a Commercial, Working and Business Visa must be certified by a Chamber of Commerce. For detailed guidance on applying for a Saudi Arabian Business Visa and to download the Business Introduction letter template, please click here.

    For further information contact Marie White: / 01254 356 448