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Applying for a Saudi Arabian Business Visa

On the 29 March 2016 the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduced a requirement that all Saudi Arabian Business Introduction Letters/Employer Support Letters provided by UK companies to support their applications for a Commercial, Working and Business Visa must be certified by a Chamber of Commerce.

The process and criteria for obtaining a Saudi Visa is:

  1. Your Saudi host company requests an invitation from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs – this is known as an invitation letter and must match the letterhead of the UK Business Introduction Letter and been issued within the last six weeks.
  2. Register your application via two options: Contact Uniglobe Regent (Good Travel) contact Karl Ward T:0161 639 0227 M:07557 785143 or visit Good Travel to request a Saudi visa Apply through a visa services agent
  3. Produce your Business Introduction Letter – original is required. This requires certification by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Ensure your passport has at least 6 months validity and 2 clean pages.
  5. Obtain one passport sized photograph.
  6. Complete all forms applicable.
  7. Visas issued in the UK are valid for entry by air only. Applicants who intend to enter Saudi Arabia by crossing the King Fahd Causeway are only permitted to do so if they have a valid multiple entry visa that has already been used on arrival by air at least once.
  8. Applicants are only permitted to hold one valid Saudi visa at any one time. Applicants holding a valid visa can only submit a new application to the Embassy once the existing visa has expired.

Fees for certification of the Business Introduction Letter are:

3 Day Service

Member £28.00 + VAT per letter Non Member £56.00 + VAT per letter

Same Day Service

Member £50.00 + VAT per letter Non Member £100.00 + VAT per letter For further assistance or information please contact the certification team, Marie White or Stephanie Warrington telephone: 01254 356448

Useful Downloads

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