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Licences are needed for import and export of certain goods for example, military goods, dual-use and technology, artworks, plants and animals, medicines and chemicals. As the importer or exporter you are responsible for ensuring these licences are in place with the relevant licensing authority prior to shipment taking place.

Restrictions of the export of technology and defence goods do not just apply to weapons or military hardware but also apply to goods that are designed for public use but can also be used for military, these are dual-use goods for example, machine tools, computers and marine equipment. There are also restrictions to certain destinations.

The Chamber offers a service to register your company and complete your licence applications.


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If you wish to complete your own application – access can be gained from the following links

Exporting specially designed or modified for military use and their components, dual-use items – those that can be used for civil or military purposes – which meet certain specified technical standards and some of their components, associated technology and software, goods that might be used for torture, radioactive sources

Importing textiles and clothing manufactured in Belarus or North Korea, importing iron and steel manufactured in Kazakhstan, importing firearms and ammunition (including landmines and anti-personnel mines), seeking to use a derogation to import goods subject to an EU or UN Sanctions import ban, seeking a Russian export tax reduction licence for imports into the EU of Russian spruce and pine logs for further manufacturing.

Animals and animal products – exporting and importing

Food – importing

Medicinal products – importing

Wood and wood packaging and timber – exporting and importing

Imports of animals and captive birds

Antiques and works of art – exporting

Controlled Drugs – exporting and importing

Chemicals and pesticides – exporting and importing

Prescription drugs, medicines and materials used to manufacture them – exporting and importing

Plant health controls, imports and exports, certification schemes, plant passporting and listed quarantine plant pests – exporting and importing

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