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Carbon Management

In the context of the United Nations’ Race to Net Zero campaign, businesses and organisations around the globe are committing to reducing their emissions to net zero by 2050. Chamber Low Carbon can help your organisation to join the global effort to tackle climate change, which in business is ever more an expectation, and increasingly a requirement.

For organisations looking to save on utility costs and cut their emissions, Chamber Low Carbon can assist with:

  • Understanding and quantifying key emissions sources through a carbon footprint assessment

  • Identifying and prioritising opportunities for reduction

Chamber Low Carbon can also assist with more detailed carbon footprint assessments for public disclosure in a variety of contexts, including:

  • Legal requirements / mandatory reporting
  • CSR/ESG or marketing purposes
  • To fulfil requests from business or customers, or from investors
  • To ascertaining the level of emissions offsetting or insetting required in order to become ‘carbon neutral’

East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce has committed to taking action on climate change and has become a signatory of the International Chambers of Commerce Climate Coalition. This commits us to acting immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with our own activities, as well as advocating and supporting climate action within our public and private sector networks.