International Trade

As Lord Heseltine’s report for Government ‘No Stone Unturned’, of which 81 recommendations have already been accepted, makes clear, the UK’s penetration of the major economies of the future is less than that of our competitors. He ascribes this in large part to being differences in the way that business support is organised, and particularly on how Chambers of Commerce are deployed. In the sole companion document, which focuses exclusively on Chambers, he argues that Chambers, belonging and accountable to local business, but with a worldwide network and reach, could do so much more if properly resourced – a proposition for Government to consider.

However, you don’t have to look much beyond the balance of payments deficit to accept that his analysis that the UK is under-performing is correct.

East Lancashire Chamber operates the oldest International Trade club in the UK, and has one of the highest levels of exporters in its membership. From these and surveys, we derive the intelligence on which we lobby for improved support for our splendid exporters.