Shine Coaching offers personalised support for men in Lancashire dealing with stress, anger, and conflict. Their one-on-one phone coaching provides tailored, practical solutions and ongoing support. All that’s needed is the desire and commitment to change. Discover how Lee turned his life around through Shine Coaching, becoming a passionate volunteer and advocate for men’s mental health support.

Meet Lee, a volunteer with Shine Coaching, a passionate advocate of their amazing work, and a man with a deep empathy for the men who need their help. He knows how it feels, because he’s been there himself.

Lee shared,

“It was about 4 years ago that I realised I had anger issues. I think I’d known for years but hadn’t really listened and just passed it off as normal behaviour”.

Then at the start of the pandemic, Lee was furloughed from his job. The uncertainty was stressful and like many people during that time, he suffered a lot of anxiety. His anger was unpredictable, and it got to the point where he felt that it was controlling his life. So, he started to look for help, and it was a struggle.

Lee explained,

“There’s not a lot out there for men at all. Doctors just want to give you tablets and that’s not the answer.

Eventually, I went through the NHS website and luckily, I found a link that took me to Shine”.

It was the lifeline Lee needed, and he hasn’t looked back. After enrolling with Shine, he had an initial course of 8 sessions with one of their coaches and it made a huge difference. Following a second spell of 8 more sessions, Lee got back control of his life.

Lee said,

“I was so grateful for the help and support from Shine and what they’ve done for me, I wanted to give something back. I’ve been a volunteer with them ever since and it’s been great. It’s fantastic”.

Lee gets involved with all of Shine’s wonderful initiatives and ongoing partnership work.

Lee Added,

“We’ve been working with Wildwood Days, which is really good. Just a group of men sitting and chatting, having a brew and learning new skills, like how to turn wood. We talk about anything and everything. It really helps people to open up about their problems”.

Lee also gets involved in the work Shine has been doing with the Lancashire Community Roots, providing free courses for anyone to join. The WELL Food and Mood sessions are a particular favourite and Lee loves working with the coaches, bringing their knowledge and understanding alongside his lived experience, which is so valuable in finding that connection with clients. And Lee connects with potential clients though Shine’s introduction sessions. He introduces them to the programme and tells them what they can expect if they sign up.

Lee added,

“I can see that it gives them hope. We let them know that they’re not alone and there is support, there is help and there are practical solutions for dealing with all this anger and stress and anxiety”.

It’s so rewarding for Lee to encourage other men to take that same path to recovery because he recognises the stereotypes that still exist around men being able to talk about their feelings.

Lee advised,

“Men don’t speak enough and it’s such a shame. We’re taught to keep it in, but then it builds up and builds up. So, my advice is; get upset, cry and talk about it. It’s not easy and I work at it every day, but it’s definitely worth it in the end.

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Published On: July 10th, 2024