Occupational health assessment is sadly something that the NHS currently do not provide to the public, and hence GPs are unable to refer for this. Consequently, employees who require advice and support around pre-placement medicals, reasonable adjustment, signposting to Access to Work etc for their health condition/disability, have to rely on their employers to pay for this.

However, it is recognized that cost can be a barrier for access to occupational health, especially for SMEs.

The DWP has now stepped in and is piloting a funded scheme for SMEs in Cumbria, Lancashire, and Barrow-in-Furness to get 80% discount on occupational health assessments meaning employers only have to contribute 20%.

We at SME Occupational Health believe in universal access to occupational health and are waiving the remaining 20% employer contribution for SMEs.

To support your employees, reduce sickness absence, and improve productivity, register with the DWP here

You will receive acknowledgement information on how to find providers. The postcode to enter is SK8 5LB and you will find SME Occupational Health.

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Published On: July 9th, 2024