Root Fifty-Two, a leading Burnley-based branding and marketing agency, have strengthened their Web Development team with some internal restructuring and hiring.

With Zakria Bilal taking the role of Lead Developer and the addition of Dariusz Swoszowski and Joe Johnson as Front and Back-End Developers, the team is currently at its strongest ever.

Zakria is no stranger to pushing the limits when it comes to all things tech! His impressive portfolio boasts numerous high-profile projects, and the team is proud to watch as his commitment to excellence leads the way in website functionality, design, and user experience.

Joining Zakria, Dariusz and Joe add their own unique strengths to the team. Dariusz excels in crafting visually stunning and highly responsive user interfaces. His eye for detail and creative flair ensure our clients’ websites are not just functional, but also sleek and engaging.

Meanwhile, Joe’s proficiency in developing robust and scalable backend systems ensures our websites are not only reliable but also highly efficient. Together, they promise an optimised workflow that will significantly enhance the technical quality and performance of our web projects.

Kimberley Thompson, Managing Director of Root Fifty-Two, shares her excitement:

“We’re thrilled to appoint Zakria the role of Lead Developer. His character, passion and diligence are second to none and he’s been fantastic with our clients.

Meanwhile, Dariusz and Joe have also been a delight to welcome into our team. Their combined expertise and passion for web development are evident, and it’s inspiring to have a team so dedicated to their craft every day.

At Root Fifty-Two, we are committed to delivering innovative digital solutions. Our clients can anticipate a future where their digital presence continually evolves and excels.”

Root Fifty-Two believes in the power of a dedicated in-house team. By having all their talents under one roof, we’re better equipped to offer end-to-end solutions that go beyond just website development.

Their holistic approach encompasses a range of services, including branding, websites, strategy, and marketing. Ongoing marketing support ensures clients receive consistent, high-quality service with a tailored touch that they can’t find elsewhere.

For more information about Root Fifty-Two and their services, visit or give them a call on 01282 911910.

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Published On: June 13th, 2024