Burnley College, placed at the heart of Lancashire’s rich Engineering legacy, is thrilled to announce an exclusive Engineering Inspo or  ‘open workshop’ event to unveil its new, state-of-the-art Department of Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing.

This event, which takes place Saturday 11 November 2023, is an incredible opportunity to see behind the scenes at the Number 1 College in England* and an invitation to discover how the Engineers of tomorrow are trained today.

Following a £1.6m investment, their transformed workshops are testament to painstaking design, careful construction and strategic collaborations with leading employers in this growth sector.

This metamorphosis propels Burnley College into the forefront as a leading partner of the revolutionary Lancashire and Cumbria Institute of Technology.

David Lord, Head of Construction and Engineering:

“We’re so proud of the developments we’ve made over the last year and a half and so decided it was time to open our doors for everyone to explore.

“We’d be delighted to welcome Engineers to take a look round and see how training has changed over the years. Whether you completed your training a couple of years ago or event 30 or more years ago, you’ll be fascinated by how much things have changed.

“Our goal at Burnley College is to educate, but it’s so much more as well. We are here to empower the workforces and leaders of tomorrow with the skills and tools they need to soar.

“This facility stands as a beacon of that commitment.”

What’s in store for you at the Engineering Inspo?

  • Live demonstrations of cutting-edge machinery like Autoclave, 5-axis CNC Machines, Meltio, 3D printers, robots, cobots and more.
  • A rare chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ in the workshops.
  • Engaging sessions about our pioneering technologies which are revolutionising  industry.
  • Interactive Q&A with experts to get a glimpse of the extraordinary Engineering environment in which they operate on a daily basis.
  • Guided tours, give-aways and a complimentary breakfast to make your day memorable.

Whether you’re intrigued by the latest Engineering advancements, exploring a career in Education or Engineering, or interested in shaping the future workforce, this ‘open workshop’ is ideal for you. Come and witness how Burnley College is a huge part of the community and a driving force in shaping the future of Engineering.

Join Burnley College and be a part of the future today! Secure your spot: Engineering Inspo – Burnley College Burnley College

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Published On: October 8th, 2023