Forbes Solicitors are pleased to announce their new mediation services as the latest addition to their portfolio.

What is Mediation?

A voluntary process by which an impartial third party helps people in a dispute to explore and understand any differences that they have.

This then helps them to come to a mutual agreement in settling those differences.

The mediator acts as a facilitator during the process; it is the parties involved, not the mediator, who decide the terms of the agreement.

Mediators are impartial and follow a code of ethical practice to ensure the confidentially and well being of each party.

Why use Mediation?

Conflicts at work or workplace disputes can have a serious and detrimental effect on people, teams, business and organisational effectiveness and performance.

Left unchecked, they can spiral and involve a wider cohort of team members or departments.

Mediation due to its nature can bring about a quicker and more cost-effective resolution for all concerned in comparison to other dispute resolution methods.

With the parties themselves making their own agreements, they have a distinct sense of ownership of those outcomes, more conducive to a long term, maintainable resolutions which are a win, for all concerned.

This collaborative approach is therefore more likely to enable relationships to be maintained into the future.

When can you use Mediation?

Workplace mediation services can be used in a variety of situations.

Most commonly due to communication issues or personality clashes, in cases of low-level bullying or harassment, issues of unfair treatment or management styles.

It can be used in colleague, peer to peer situations and also it matters concerning supervisory/managerial matters.

For further information on this service or to discuss a particular situation and review its suitability for mediation, please contact Head Of HR Consultancy and Accredited Mediator, Gabriela Hammond.

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Published On: August 15th, 2023