The Decarbonisation Hub at Burnley College is a collaborative learning space dedicated to the future of business on the road to net zero carbon. On Friday the 13th January, Eric Wright Group were in attendance for a Green Shield Group led event.

They were honoured to be able to organise and hold the first of many collaborative meetings with Burnley College at the dual-branded Decarbonisation Hub. Friday’s event was attended by a selection of staff from the Eric Wright Group, attending to gain further education on sustainable technologies, effective implementation and how Burnley College is helping lead the way towards a net-zero future.

The workshop, led by Director of Skills and Innovation, Neil Burrows, and Green Shield Group Sustainability Consultant, Lee Roberts, used a range of hands-on demonstrations and informative presentations to deliver the learning. Due to the interactive nature of the day, the Eric Wright Group staff were able to provide a variety of questions based on real-life scenarios as well as add some knowledge and inquisition based on previous encounters with sustainable technologies.

Utilising the Burnley College Decarbonisation Hub allows prospective visitors to embrace a learning space dedicated to net zero and see the technology that will get us there in person. In addition, attendees can also see firsthand the scale of a solar installation on the rooftop of the Elite Sports Performance Centre, installed by Green Shield Group.

As a result of the event, many interesting new avenues for collaboration have opened up. Eric Wright Group can now effectively tap into Burnley College and Green Shield Group allowing them to pursue net zero with their clients.

If you’d like to know more about how Green Shield Group or Burnley College can help your organisation understand decarbonisation and our route to net zero please feel free to email  and they can deliver an event tailored to your business.

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Published On: January 18th, 2023
Green Shield Group