Burnley FC in the Community are excited to announce the rebrand of their Disability Sports Project, ‘Limitless Clarets’.

They are taking inspiration from participants, and it is these ideas that will allow them to expand and develop the programme, in turn giving participants the opportunity to learn, grow and become limitless.

Reason behind ‘Limitless Clarets’

They have renamed and redesigned the programme to reflect the fact that no matter if someone has an impairment or special educational need, their success is limitless! BFCitC are driven to support each young person and adult to reach their own personal aims and goals. Of course, the word ‘Clarets’ comes from their roots to Burnley Football Club and the colours related to them.

‘You Asked, We Did’

BFCitC shared a survey with participants, parents, and carers to find out what they would like to see at sessions. This allowed focus on what young people wanted and what would enhance their learning and build skills for the future.

  • 52% of participants/parents/carers wanted to see Sensory sessions.
  • 86% of participants/parents/carers wanted to see Athletics.
  • 10% of participants/parents/carers wanted to see Kurling.
  • 71% of participants/parents/carers wanted to see Boccia.

With this information they have created a partnership with SensoryFlo, who will be delivering sensory sessions free of charge for young people aged 5 – 15 years. They have created a multi-sport timetable, including the above sports and many more, which will be released shortly.

  • 62% of participants, parents and carers wanted to see Burnley FC in the Community improve their communication. In response, they have created a Premier League Kicks / Limitless Clarets newsletter which will be shared each week to keep everyone up to date with any additions or changes to sessions. They are also introducing visual aids such as flashcards and symbols to further build communication with participants, which all staff at sessions will use.
  • 10% of participants, parents and carers wanted BFCitC to improve on their advertisement of sessions. They are currently in the process of developing a new website, new marketing materials and building stronger relationships with schools and services to support with promoting sessions.
  • 19% of participants, parents and carers wanted BFCitC to improve our visual aids. They have created a visual timetable outlining Multi-Sports and Football Sessions. This will work on a 7-week basis with a variety of different sports and skills to enhance young people and adults’ learning. The aim is to create and support routines and prepare everyone with what to expect when they arrive at sessions.
  • Another topic raised by participants, parents and carers was the lack of opportunities for young people to experience new things. In response, they have confirmed a Match Day package to give participants the opportunity to experience further football training before attending the Burnley FC v QPR game in April. They are also in talks with Manchester City in the Community and Chester FC to arrange fixtures and adult participants will also be returning to competitive football as part of the Ability Counts football league which is held in Salford.

To sign up for sessions please follow the links below.

Consent Form – Premier League Kicks / Limitless Clarets Consent Form

One Page Profile – Limitless Clarets – One Page Profile

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Published On: January 4th, 2023
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