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Many businesses are unaware that their customs compliance may be at risk. We frequently receive enquiries about issues stemming from improperly submitted export and import clearances. These errors can lead to exports failing to leave the UK, imports arriving incorrectly, and miscalculated duties and taxes.

Such mistakes not only disrupt your operations but also jeopardize your HMRC compliance, potentially resulting in failed HMRC audits.
One situation we had recently involved a UK company importing goods and relying on their transport company to handle the import clearance. However, the transport company entered an incorrect commodity code, leading to a miscalculation of duty and VAT.

To rectify this mistake the transport company encouraged the UK company to duplicate the clearance that had already been submitted. This request was solely in the interest of the transport company and would’ve made the UK company not HMRC compliant. Our accredited customs agents investigated the situation on behalf of the UK company and identified all the errors and risks with the original clearance and advised them of the best approach to combat the transport companies’ advice and remain HMRC compliant. This was a simple post clearance amendment.

If the UK company had followed the transport company’s advice, the UK company would have ended up overpaying the duty, leaving them in the position of having to rectify the error with HMRC, costing them valuable time and resource.

Choosing the right customs agent ensures smoother operations and helps maintain compliance with HMRC requirements.

Our highly experienced accredited customs agents are on hand to assist with your import and export clearances, so you can focus on growing your business.
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Published On: July 9th, 2024