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21 March 2023 – Trade Preference, Agreements and Origin Rules

For UK traders who want to ensure their export customers access reduced and nil rates of import duty, thereby strengthening customer loyalty and encouraging repeat orders time and time again.

23 March 2023 – Exporting Basics

For companies who are serious about exporting and require a short programme to introduce the key elements for staff members.  Includes principle terms of payment, use Incoterms 2020®, factors to consider when pricing a quotation, overview of HM Revenue and Customs regulations, what information to provide Freight Forwarders and a general understanding of the documentation required.

29 March 2023 – Completing Export Documentation

Exporters who issue UK Certificates of Origin, EUR1s and ATA Carnets speed up their customers import process to ensure they can safely transport the goods into their country.  Box by box completion of UK Certificates of Origin, EUR1s and ATA Carnets is covered.

30 March 2023 – Understanding Letters of Credit

When your overseas buyers can’t pay for your goods in advance and you can’t offer export customers 30, 60 or 90 days open account terms, Letters of Credit can help both parties, particularly as they provide a guarantee to your businesses that your overseas customers will pay on time.  It is mandatory in some countries.

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Exclusive in house export training courses – on dates to suit your business

The Chamber can also deliver exclusively on-site at your premises where the discussion can be tailored to your business needs on mutually agreed dates.

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Published On: March 16th, 2023