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Some of the challenges importers face is goods crossing the border over the weekend, trucks getting held and freight forwarders not being on hand to support companies and ensuring fast efficient clearance which can hamper production in the UK, and port costs.

Here at the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce we have dedicated customs accredited agents working 7 days a week, ensuring goods move swiftly through customs preventing delays and costs.  Check out what happened just this weekend!!

BCW Manufacturing Group, Burnley’s leading tier 1 service provider for major OEMs around the world commented on the services they receive from the Chamber:

“Having an established working relationship with the East Lancashire Chamber helps ensure we have a continuous supply chain and support if difficulties arise.  They were on hand to support one of our overseas suppliers and were quick to react out of office hours.  Without this collaborative approach our supplier would have had difficulty crossing the border, which in turn would have impacted on production. We continue to be impressed with the level of service and support provided at any point from the International Business Team at the East Lancashire Chamber. A great job, once again thank you.”

The overseas haulier Przemysław Zając from FIRMA DOMEX also commented:

“Thank you very, very much for your help! Without your help, we would have had trouble crossing the border. Thank you again, it was very important!!”

BCW are part of a growing number of North West businesses who need the security and capability of an independent Customs Agent to ensure their import and export declarations are fully compliant with HMRC and have turned to the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce to strengthen their own world class service offering.  Speaking on behalf of the Chamber, Marie White, Customs Clearance Accredited Agent said:

“Our Customs Declaration Service is easy to access, its cost effective and adds an extra level of safety for busy international companies.  For companies needing qualified, experienced Customs Agents based locally and capable of liaising with complex supply chains who and can manage your import and export declarations then give us a call on 01254 356448.  We even deliver HMRC approved training on the subject and regularly advise our clients on much wider aspects of international trade and Customs regimes, to see how we can help your business give us a call on 01254 356454”

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Published On: March 17th, 2023
International Business