As part of the BBC’s 100 years celebration, Bigtank were asked to take part in a live Q&A event where media professionals from the area share their story of their careers to groups of students from Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School.

In their centenary year, the BBC launched the Share Your Story Career Tour and will be speaking to 400,000 secondary students to inspire the next generation of media professionals. Bigtank’s representative was their video producer Josh Parker who was invited to speak at the event.

Josh said:

‘For some students, a career in the media industry can feel like something out of reach and not in their local vicinity, something I thought at the start of my career in production and marketing. One of the main things I wanted to get across to the students was that there are many opportunities with some amazing companies in and around Lancashire and a fulfilling career isn’t something you need to travel far for.

The students had some brilliant questions, and it was a privilege to answer them and provide some insight into what their futures may look like, especially at a time where many were choosing options for their GCSEs’.

Joining Josh on the panel were other professionals from the industry and BBC Radio 1 host Robyn Richford who hosted the event. The panel were asked about their school days and education stories as well as how best to prepare themselves for the world of work and careers as budding professionals.

Bigtank’s MD Rob Hallam said:

‘we were flattered to be asked to take part in the event, especially given the target audience. A lot of our talent has come to us straight out of education and have been incremental to the growth and success of our business so far. So to be given the opportunity to encourage more young people to consider a career in this industry was important for us as it is this next generation who will be contributing to our workforce in years to come’.

The tour continues for the next few weeks and will be speaking to more students all over the country.

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Published On: December 8th, 2022
Bigtank BBC 100 years celebration