What More UK, manufacturers of bakeware and housewares, operate in a specialist industry requiring traditional skills. They pride themselves on their Apprenticeship programme, and their latest recruit is award winning.

What More are in a position of expansion and growth. In order to keep up local knowledge of traditional engineering skills, they have a programme of hiring and training young Apprentices. Harrison Julien is the latest Apprentice in the Production department, and has successfully completed his Apprenticeship at Burnley College, and is now a permanent employee at What More. Other Apprentices who have become valued members of the team are Elliot Prestage in the Bakeware department, William Moat in the Toolmaking department and Izaak Holden, in Production.

During his Apprenticeship, Harrison was given a special recognition award from Burnley College for his work – a CAD award for going above and beyond. This bodes well for his future career at What More, where staff feel valued and recognised for their contribution to the company’s growth and success. What More UK now employ 350 staff across their sites in Padiham and Altham, and recently completed a £20m investment programme, which included 13 new injection moulding machines.

Directors at What More UK see their Apprenticeship programme as an ongoing process. Company Director Tony Grimshaw OBE, explained:

“We’re happy to invest our time training our young Apprentices, as we will always need engineers and their knowledge and skills. Congratulations to Harrison on his award, and I hope all our Apprentices have a long and successful career at What More!”

What More UK manufactures storage boxes and housewares of all kinds under the Wham brand including bakeware, around-the-sink items, products for the home laundry, utility room, and items for the garden like planters and troughs. What More’s products are all made in East Lancashire and are sold in 75 countries around the world.

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Published On: August 12th, 2022
What More UK