Barlow Andrews has been at the heart of the local community in Lancashire and the North-West for almost 100-years.

As Chartered Accountants, they act as advisors to many owner-managed and family businesses in the area, from self-employed individuals and start-ups through to partnerships, professional practices, limited companies, and charities.

Today they’re close to one hundred team members headquartered in Bolton and are not just auditors and tax advisors. They are also business advisors, who aim to manage business relationships, building a deep understanding of clients’ personal and business requirements.

During their near 100-year in business no doubt they have been through massive change, caused by world occurrences and innovation, with the shift towards electrification being the latest. Never ones to stand still, their senior team are in the initial stages of planning their fleet move to electrification and asked Evolution Solutions to help them with EV charging for both their own fleets and their employee needs.

Evolution Solutions helped to provide charging for up to five vehicles simultaneously and includes a twin socket Project EV 22Kw for super-fast charging, and three 7.4Kw chargers for everyday fast charging.

They also helped Barlow Andrews access the new government ‘Fleet and Employee’ grant scheme, which gave them £4,250 towards the installation cost.

Barlow Andrews are futuristic thinking accountants and are all set for the next 100-years motoring.

As a government approved charge point installer, Evolution Solutions help companies access the grant system, and as part of their consultation, they can help customers claim up to £75,000 in EV charger grants.

Please email or call 07887 548523 for further required details.

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Published On: August 3rd, 2022
Barlow Andrews