Godiva, part of IDEX Fire and Safety, a world leader in fire pump design and manufacturing, have approached Burnley-based Red-Fern Media to become their digital partner.

Godiva’s products are considered the industry standard across the UK. The global company was preparing for its European product launch, with the help of Red-Fern’s digital capabilities and strategy to make it a huge success.

Red-Fern Media specialise in marketing for B2B manufacturers, successfully developing immersive technology solutions such as immersive websites, augmented reality experiences, virtual reality apps, and bespoke systems for several UK manufacturers.

Managing Director of Red-Fern Media, Sean Redfearn, said:

“We were ecstatic to be up against global competition and partner with a world-leading manufacturing company.

“This project touched every department and capability of Red-Fern, giving testament to the staff and the team for working hard and collaborating virtually, accurately, and efficiently.”

The project focused on a whole array of digital marketing capabilities such as strategy and audience research, branding and printing, global website development, augmented reality creation, and video production.

Sean and Luke Rossall, who is Head of Client services at Red-Fern, flew to the INTERSCHUTZ event in Germany to honour the global partnership they had developed with IDEX corporation and support the client.

Red-Fern’s approach to this project, and the relationship built with the client, enabled the partnership to be a global success.

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Published On: July 11th, 2022