Across the globe, the commitment to sustainability and climate action is woven into daily life. Many manufacturers are unified in the belief that their actions count, and now is the time to act.

80 percent of leading companies across the globe have adopted sustainability. Have you considered it before?

Sustainability offers a whole host of benefits, especially for manufacturers. We’ve included five of them below.

Change = innovation

Sustainability and adopting an eco-friendly approach in business can seem daunting. However, when problems arise this should breed the opportunity for innovation.

  • Where can you improve your operations and incorporate sustainability?
  • How can you recycle your products to futureproof your services?
  • What incentives can you give your customers if they support your sustainability initiatives?

Instead of thinking of sustainability as a difficult challenge, see it as an opportunity to grow your business, increase your revenue and modernise your business.

Increased revenue

Making your business more sustainable will also make it more marketable in the long term. Avoiding this necessary environmental change could impact your sales and revenue.

Three out of four are willing to pay more for products or services from brands that are committed to positive social and environmental impacts.

If consumers purchase from your brand knowing you’re achieving positive outcomes, they’ll also feel positively impacted like a ripple effect.

Reduced business costs

A move towards sustainability could help your business financially. Using energy more efficiently and converting it to renewable energy sources (wind or solar) will help you stabilise your energy prices.

One key energy-saving hack is to ensure you’re checking your manufacturing equipment regularly and checking overall maintenance. You can inspect your equipment for poor energy usage and malfunctions – this will ensure you’re maximising your machines for optimal sustainability.

Added USP

What are your unique selling points? Have you considered that your environmental impact could also be considered a huge positive and determine buyers’ choices? Well, sustainability can be a great USP for your business.

Brands need to be more committed to adopting sustainability practices for the future. But also, sustainability prepares businesses for future problems. Any business that adopts a sustainable approach shows that they’re reliable, ahead of its competitors and focused on longevity.

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Published On: July 11th, 2022