Manufacturers can no longer afford to ignore the impact that immersive technology is having on the industry, as well as their ability to compete effectively.

Early adopters in the manufacturing industry are thinking innovatively when it comes to AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality), utilising digital solutions, which will improve worker safety, speed new products to market, reduce training costs, and increase productivity to name just a few.

The PwC “Seeing is believing” report (2019) revealed that VR and AR have the potential to add 1.5 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

The manufacturing industry has seen household names like IKEA, Volvo, and Toyota become enthusiastic early adopters – and they’re not alone. The medical, manufacturing, industrial, and military sectors are long past the experimental stage and they routinely include immersive technology in their long-term business plans.

Red-Fern Media, a Burnley-based digital agency that has been working with B2B manufacturers to develop digital growth strategies and immersive technology, saw an opportunity to develop valuable partnerships with manufacturers to prepare them for the future of the manufacturing industry.

The digital agency has worked with world-leading manufacturers such as Morson Group, The Senator Group, Godiva, Wham, and Apeks. The team at Red-Fern are experts at developing websites, bespoke systems, VR and AR experiences, and long-term digital marketing strategies.

Sean Redfearn, MD of Red-Fern Media stated:

“As most products that are manufactured nowadays undergo continuous change with the evolution in the needs of their customers, manufacturers need to be highly flexible, and immersive technology gives them the ability to do this.”

The immersive technology solutions Red-Fern provides has enormous potential for employers and employees alike. Red-Fern worked with world-leading manufacturer Godiva, part of the IDEX Fire and Safety corporation, to create an immersive experience that helped reduce their sales cycles, optimise internal processes and achieve optimal marketing success for their products and services.

The project touched every department and capability of Burnley-based digital agency Red-Fern, the augmented reality experience they produced showcased 3D models of Godiva’s pump systems installed on fire engines, which were used across the company’s website and at their upcoming European product launch.

Launched by scanning the QR code on printed assets and on the website, this allows the sales team at Godiva to launch an immersive demonstration of how their  SAMFlows pump control system manages waterflow, allowing users to try the product without having to be with a demonstration vehicle.

Guy Jackson, Director of Waterflow Technology (Godiva product line), added:

“The project was one of the most satisfying projects I have ever worked on. The conversations it started, and the exposure it gave us was certainly worth the investment. We were extremely impressed with the work the team at Red-Fern provided.”

These changes and improvements to the process save time, cost, and effort, in addition to less manual work, minimising the risk of making errors. As technology continues to rapidly advance and more manufacturing companies understand the opportunities that lie within immersive technology, the future of the industry is very exciting.

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Published On: July 11th, 2022