What do Six Connections do when they win an award? They bring out a NEW beer of course.

Following their success at last month’s Lancashire Business View’s Red Rose Awards, Six Connections are celebrating winning the Health & Wellbeing Award with a NEW BEER.

“Our beers, coffees and other conversation starters are such a HUGE part of what we do, it seemed only right to add a new one to the family for the Red Rose Awards.”

Six Connections

Businesses from the length and breadth of the county vied for titles across a range of categories, with only the best of the best, as selected by a panel of expert judges, progressing through to the shortlist and a rigorous interview stage before being rewarded for their excellence.

Dave Scholes said:

“We are absolutely blown away. This is so much more than a business to Andi and me, so to be recognised for something that means so much to us is overwhelming. Six Connections was created to help bring conversations around mental health into normal everyday life. Accepting an award in front of 1000+ people isn’t a bad way to help that.

“We launched our conversation starting products in May of last year, so we thought what better way to celebrate than with a new brew to mark the occasion.”

The unique thing about the Six Connections products is that each one has a QR code on it which links to sixconnections.co.uk A website of help and support, its purpose is to help start the conversations around metal health with friends and family that we all need but can find tricky to start.

Dave added:

“Often we notice things in friends and family that make us think that they might not be ok.

“We want to help start those conversations as soon as we can. A beer or a brew can be a natural way to begin.”

Available to buy online from Wednesday 29th June, winner or not there is never a bad time to treat yourself or your team:


Event founder Richard Slater, also the publisher of Lancashire Business View magazine, said:

“The Red Rose Awards, now in its twelfth year, are very hotly contested, so Six Connections should be very proud that they have seen off all the competition to win this award!”


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Published On: June 29th, 2022
Six Connections