Six Connections have partnered with Lancashire’s favourite shoemaker, LANX Shoes, to launch two custom socks, encouraging positive conversations about mental health.

Highlighting the importance of understanding what it’s like to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’, the Have a Wander fleck socks are now available, just in time for Christmas.

Whilst these socks continue to be hand made in a family-run business that’s been running for over 100 years, Dave, the Six Connections founder, says

“We wanted to try something a bit different. I’d never seen a wellbeing sock before, so why not?”

I met Marco and the team when we were planning some of our training session venues. We like to use spaces that feel comfortable for people, to get them out of their workplace and think a bit differently. Why not a shoe shop? The sock idea just came from those initial conversations.

We all know people who have struggled with and do struggle with mental health. Our tagline is Powered By Mates and this sock is designed not just for you but to let the people around you know that you are there for them. It’s an ideal stocking filler, with a positive twist”

Since Six Connections launched in 2020, they have helped 100’s of people to open-up with family, friends and colleagues, bringing positive mental health chat and support into normal everyday conversation. Already producing a creative range of products linked to conversation including coffee, beers and biscuits, a QR code on each sock product leads to their website of help and support around all aspects of mental health and wellbeing.

The socks are now available to purchase from LANX or as part of a gift box which includes some tasty Six Connections beers. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for the mate who has everything!

With small positive steps, the stigma surrounding mental health can be changed once and for all. These socks are Powered By Mates.

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Published On: June 29th, 2022
Six Connections