Increasing sales is a top priority for any business, right? Well, the manufacturing business is no different. However, you’d be surprised how many businesses are overcomplicating it and aren’t taking advantage of the readily available low-hanging fruit.

This post will outline three actionable tips you can implement in your manufacturing business. So you can increase leads, and conversion rates and improve profitability.

Develop an ‘Inbound’ sales mindset

How many times have you bought something and felt like you were pressured into it? Like you were another notch on the sales quota?

This is what we call an outbound sales mentality. Pushy, interruptive, and only concerned with making a sale. It’s traditional selling, and it’s outdated.

Inbound is different. This is the most significant change you’ll make, and it’s company-wide. If you can get everyone to buy into this philosophy, you’ve made the initial steps to changing your sales method.

Get to know your buyers

If you can target the right people, you’re more likely to succeed. But how do you get to know your customers?

You can do this by creating buyer personas, semi-fictional representations of your buyer that you believe are accurate. If you don’t know who your buyers or customers are, you’ll target the wrong people and waste vital resources and budget.

Use your website to sell your business

Your website is your best sales tool, it’s where most people make their first touchpoint.

When you build a new website, you need to consider three things; they don’t exist independently, and you can’t ignore any of them.

Design: you need to ensure your website is visually appealing. An ugly website won’t generate a lot of interest.

User experience: visitors need to be given a clear path or journey when they visit your site. If they’re confused, they’ll leave.

Marketing: you’ve got to entice people with your website copy, give them clear actions to take and provide them with useful resources.

Red-Fern can help increase sales within manufacturing!

Red-Fern is a specialist digital agency working with world-leading manufacturers. We solve marketing and technology complexity through digital in the manufacturing space.

So, get in touch today, and we’ll help you increase your sales and much more. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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