Whalley based workplace health specialists Leap Health have successfully held their first workshop aimed at supporting parenting and parental health.

Anna Reddy – Leap Health’s Workplace Health Coach and Nutritionist – teamed up with Dr Samantha Weld-Blundell- Child and Educational Psychologist to deliver the workshop “Taking Care of Parents in 2022”. The workshop explored very practical steps that are easy to implement, which support parenting and parental health and was held at Tastebuds in Whalley.

Anna explains:

“For those busy working parents, trying to achieve optimal parenting and taking care of your own health it can be challenging to say the least! The past couple of years have thrown many hurdles at us in terms of our health due to factors such as working from home, lasting health effects of covid, increasing mental health, and much more.

“It has also had a huge impact on the wellbeing of our children, and more than ever now things are bubbling to the surface in terms of their mental health, coupled with the limiting NHS resources to support this.”

The discussions that were generated left parents feeling empowered to make positive steps, but most importantly that they were in it together, and that everyone is only human. One participating parent said

“It was a great opportunity to learn about parenting, to know we are not alone, that no one has it sorted! But actually, we’re not doing a bad job after all! Likewise with the perimenopause – it’s normal and don’t suffer in silence.

“See a supportive GP to talk through your options and if at first you don’t succeed, keep trying and you will find a menopause expert GP!”

Following the success of the event, Dr Samantha and Anna have had various companies contacting them about holding similar events for them. They are about to launch a monthly programme at the recently opened child friendly cafe “Violets” in Clitheroe on the high street, at Evergreen Forest Nursery, The Splash Academy and are in talks with other companies about offering more workshops. The workshops will explore areas of health such as nutrition, movement, hormonal health, rest & recovery, work-life balance and more. From a parenting aspect they will explore communication & Interaction, managing anxiety, challenging & defiant behaviour, autism, play, transition planning and more.

If you would like to reach out to Dr Sam and Anna about running a workshop in your workplace, or local group, or would like to attend a pre-arranged event, please contact anna@leaphealth.co.uk.

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Published On: June 1st, 2022
Leap Health