“That was a really good meeting, lots of interesting topics. Thank you very much. I look forward to the next one” Martin Corbett, CelaVita bv, International Food Distributor.”

These comments were received following the International Trade Club meeting held in May 2022, where speakers from DHL, PM+M, Forbes Solicitors and British Chambers of Commerce tackled some of the most problematic areas of trading internationally that many of us are experiencing on a regular basis, and provided real time updates and solutions. These included Russian Sanctions, International VAT Rules and Procedures, Protecting Intellectual Property Overseas and the impact of the recent Northern Ireland delayed border checks and the developments associated with the Target Operating Model for the UK Border.

You don’t need to miss out on the next meeting because the International Trade Club now offers both face to face and zoom meetings for your business because you are involved with exporting and importing. The speakers come to Lancashire from far and wide to share their expertise, thoughts and ideas for helping companies to strive with their overseas ambitions. You and colleagues can join us in person at our offices in Accrington and enjoy a wonderful breakfast as many of our guests do and network with likeminded professionals, or dial in from the comfort of your own offices. Whichever option suits you, the International Trade Club will help you to keep up to date with the fast-paced changing environment of exporting and importing, introduce you directly to experienced specialists and connect you to local businesses with similar aims, pressures, challenges and opportunities.

Just like Martin from CelaVita, get involved with the International Trade Club and see just how valuable this resource can be to you and your business.

Next meeting, 21 July 2022 will look at:

  • The current situation with the Ukraine crisis- a politico/business overview. Russia’s plans for withdrawal from bodies such as the World Trade Association
  • Trade with customers in Russia – contractual and personal relationships with Russian businesses and business people. Working with Russian distributors.
  • Bank transfers, getting paid and repatriating funds to the UK.  The SWIFT payments system etc.
  • The politics of the UK-Russia trading relationship.  The UK government’s stance and how it affects business.
  • Sanctions: what is allowed and what is not allowed for imports and exports.
  • Importing goods from Russia.
  • Russian/Ukraine business relationships .
  • The future – rebuilding Ukraine and Russia as a future export market.
  • Special Presentation on Setting up a business abroad: an Accountant’s perspective.  The things to consider when you are setting up an operation overseas both from a tax perspective on the structure to choose and from a practical and operational point of view. Along with the underlying principles and some practical comments, with case studies highlighting possible issues.

To book visit: https://my.chamberelancs.co.uk/calendar_detail.html?eid=F4E4C6AA-2962-4E49-9410-295341F88B0B or email international@chamberelancs.co.uk for further details.

The International Trade Club is managed for its members by the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by Forbes Solicitors and PM+M Solutions for Business LLP and is exclusive to businesses importing or exporting.

Published On: June 7th, 2022