Electric vehicles are going to be a fact of life for most companies and their employees…

Currently (due to the business tax savings and ultra-low benefit in kind tax savings) it’s financially the right time to migrate company fleets to electric vehicles, as the business and fleet driver both save.

But what about charging – and not just charging for fleet drivers – charging for your non-fleet employees too. As all your employees will soon be driving electric cars.

A wider selection of affordable electric cars are being launched, which are quickly closing the gap between the cost of petrol/diesel cars. The total cost of ownership tipping point is fast approaching.

How will your fleet drivers charge? How will your non-fleet drivers charge?

Will you pay for a fleet driver to have a charge point installed at home or will you install charge points at the company location, and allow both fleet drivers and non-fleet drivers to charge?

It’s a fair assumption that not all your employees (fleet and non-fleet) will be able to have a charge point installed at home, as they may live in a property where it’s not allowed or not feasible.

The only other two options are:

  • use public charging stations
  • install charge points at the company location

In general, useful public charging is expensive and inconvenient, as you must plan a specific journey to where they are located and wait around until charging is complete.

Aside of charging at home, the next most affordable and convenient charging method is at the workplace, as most people will spend lengthy time periods at work locations.

But who’s going to help with the cost of installing charge points at the workplace?

As your industry specialist this is where we can help you. You see, the government has recently launched a generous fleet and employee EV charge point installation grant.

£4,250 is provided in grants to an SME (less than 250 employees) to install five charge points, with a further £850 available for installing each additional charge point, up to a total of £15,000.

And it doesn’t end here. Multi-site companies can claim grants of up to £15,000 for each site across a maximum of five sites. Making the total grant available in these situations £75,000.

How to claim this grant?

You must partner with a government charge point grant approved installation company, who are certified to provide the fleet and employee grant and who then claim the grant on your behalf.

One such certified company – who are specialists (install only EV charge points) and operate with employed (no sub-contractors) and highly trained installers – is Evolution Solutions.

Evolution Solutions provide a free consultation which includes a site survey, leading to a no obligation quotation (including the available grants) and scope of works.

To arrange your free consultation email darren@evolutionsolutions.co.uk with your details or call Darren directly on 07887 548523 to discuss your requirement.

Please be aware! When this pot of grant money is empty the Government will end the grant.

Migration to electric vehicles is a given, and our advice is to use this money to help you with the cost of installing charge points now, otherwise you’ll be paying full price in the future. You don’t even need an electric car to claim, just parking where the chargers are to be fitted.

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