Two Blackburn University Centre students have taken a starring role at the launch of gaming platform Crayta on Facebook Gaming.

Third year (Hons) Illustration and Animation student Karolina Rokita, 35, took part in filming a video trailer for the launch of the Crayta platform on Facebook Gaming with Mark Zuckerberg when Crayta was launched last week.

While Scott Slater, 34, a third-year BA (Hons) Graphic Communication student had his game ‘Idle Factory Manager’ launched on Facebook Gaming as part of the Crayta launch.

Both Karolina and Scott have been working with Unit 2 Games, which is owned by tech giant Meta – Facebook’s parent company after securing six-month contracts to develop games for them.

Karolina, who has games Fantasy Island Tycoon and Blue Swap on Crayta, says she was stunned when she was approached by Unit 2 Games to get involved in a recorded demonstration of Crayta on Facebook Gaming with Mark Zuckerberg.

She said:

“I was shocked when I received a call out of the blue by one of the developers asking if I’d like to be involved in the launch of Crayta on Facebook Gaming.

“I was told that we would be showing Mark Zuckerberg how to use the game during a recorded video demonstration. At first, I thought there would be a team of us but was really surprised when I found out that it was just the two of using doing it, which was quite nerve wracking.

“The developers created a version of Hacker Square which is where Meta is based, and I created a BBQ in the game as Mark loves smoked meats. I was really nervous about speaking to Mark, but he was friendly and made us both feel at ease.

“It was such a fantastic experience; I can’t quite believe that it actually happened.”

Unit 2 Games contacted Scott in May to say that his game Idle Factory Manager was one of six to be chosen to have an additional feature spotlight on the Facebook Gaming page as part of  Crayta’s launch on Facebook Gaming.

Former painter and decorator Scott said:

“I came up with the idea for Idle Factory Manager last year. It was based on my experience of working in a door factory in Shadsworth when I was younger.

“I was quite surprised when I was contacted to say that they wanted to use my game as part of the launch on Facebook Gaming. Since launching it’s already had more than 19,000 plays.”

Both Karolina and Scott have showcased their games at Blackburn University Centre’s Annual Art and Design Degree Show at Blackburn College’s Victoria Building, as part of their final degree project.

The show, which is being run until 17th June, showcases the talent and culmination of practice of degree students at Blackburn University Centre.

Karolina added:

“I’ve loved the Illustration and Animation degree; it was the best decision I made to come and study at Blackburn University Centre. During the course I had my third child but came back to study after two months – it wouldn’t have been possible for me to finish my degree without the support of my tutors Mark Thistlethwaite and Andrew Plaskett.”

Scott said:

“My tutor Mark has been very supportive throughout the course and has not only encouraged my work with Crayta, but has helped me integrate my work into my degree which has been a massive help.”

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Published On: June 17th, 2022
Blackburn University Centre