North West video engagement specialists Bigtank have been collaborating with global IT recruitment specialists Frank Recruitment Group (a Tenth Revolution Company) on their flagship series of vodcasts, which highlight the work being done to make the tech industry more inclusive for women.

The six-part series looks at topics such as where companies should look for female talent, the missing middle in the talent sphere and how others can provide allyship to female workers in technology. It was commissioned after the publication of a white paper by Frank Recruitment Group, which interviewed 30 inspirational women and delved into the challenges they’d faced and how to redress the imbalance in the tech workforce.

The series was launched on March 7th to commemorate International Women’s Day and episodes are being released weekly, finishing in April with an interview with Dame Stephanie Shirley, one of the leading figures of tech in the twentieth century. Each episode was recoded virtually from the Bigtank studio, and were fronted by leaders from Tenth Revolution Group, Revolent and Frank Recruitment Group, who spoke to contributors from across the world in order to gain a diverse range of insights into the issues raised.

The series comes after Bigtank’s recent successful collaboration with Tenth Revolution Group on their second annual Digital Revolution Awards. The team behind this is headed up by Josie Middleton, Head of PR and Outreach, who said:

“When we proposed the idea of the vodcasts we knew that Bigtank would provide the answers and solutions we needed to make it happen, it is important to us that we can shine a light on the issues facing women in tech and the way Bigtank produced the series does just that.”

Chief Marketing Officer at Tenth Revolution Group, Kashif Naqshbandi, also fronts one of the episodes, focussing on allyship and how men in tech can and should help address the imbalance. He added:

“Our long standing partnership with Bigtank has been pivotal in the success of the Women In Tech series, enabling us to drive engagement with our customers whilst addressing something which we feel passionately about. I’m excited about continuing working with Bigtank on future projects – Rob and the team make the entire process smooth, stress free and the final product is always done to the highest quality.”

The series can be viewed at Frank Recruitment Group’s website: , and on social media platforms with episodes being released weekly in March and April.

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Published On: April 5th, 2022