Industry specialists have spoken about the need for alternative home heating sources at an event looking at the future of heat pumps.

The Heat Pump Installation Breakfast event was held at Blackburn College’s Saturn Centre in Challenge Way, for plumbers and gas installers to find out more about how heat pumps work.

Around 50 attendees took part in the event, where they heard from representatives from heat pump manufacturer Daikin about the considerations needed when installing heat pumps, and about new developments regarding the future of heat pumps. While Blackburn College tutors gave details about the College’s Air Source Heat Pump Installation course.

Also speaking at the event were representatives from Kane who spoke about gas analysers and from Sunamp who spoke about Thermal Storage technologies.

The morning, run by Blackburn College, was organised on the back of the Government’s push to look at heat pumps as an alternative way of heating homes.

The Government is keen to increase the use of heat pumps in order to cut greenhouse gas emissions, as home heating is responsible for around 14 per cent of the UK’s carbon emissions.

Last year, ministers announced a heat and buildings strategy, with the intention of reducing the amount of gas usage in the UK, and moving to lower carbon alternatives, such as heat pumps.

James Jennings from Daikin said:

“It’s been a pleasure working with Blackburn College, it’s great to see the College embracing new technologies which will shape the future of heating.

“There is a huge push for heat pumps to start replacing boilers, but it is paramount that installers understand the design and how they work to ensure homeowners are getting the correct heat pump for their property.”

Dr Fazal Dad, Principal and Chief Executive of Blackburn College said:

“At Blackburn College we work closely with industry experts to ensure we meet the future needs of businesses. The launch of our Air Source Heat Pump Installation course is another example of responding to these industry demands.

“We are delighted at the turn-out at the Heat Pump Installation Breakfast, and the feedback we received was extremely positive from both speakers and attendees.”

Grant Armstrong, who owns Armstrong Plumbing and Heating in Barnoldswick attended the event, he said:

“In the past there have been misconceptions around how heat pumps work, but recently there has been more and more interest in them. The event was really fascinating and informative – by undertaking the Air Source Heat Pump Installation course we will be ahead of the game.”

The installation event was organised to coincide with the launch of Blackburn College Trades Centre, which includes gas and heating, plumbing, electrical, construction trades and building services.

Antoinette Jackson, Business Development Manager of Blackburn College’s Trades Centre said:

“These are exciting times for us. The centre includes both apprenticeships, short and bespoke programmes which are tailored to organisational requirements.”

Refreshments were provided to guests and all guests were entered into a raffle to win a free place on the Air Source Heat Pump Installation course.

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Published On: March 10th, 2022
Heat pumps