We are looking forward to welcoming specialists Steve Lanier and Tom Thorelli from the USA on Monday 28 March 2022. Steve and Tom will be able to give your business direct expertise on selling your products into the US market along with the legal aspects.

Companies interested in entering or expanding their US Operations from a marketing or legal angle are welcome to book one to one meetings with one or both. These can be for half hour or hour slots.

Steve Lanier, American World Services Corp

Steve Lanier has been actively working with European SMEs for over 25 years to develop the United States as an export market. Since setting-up American World Services in 1993, he has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations developing their marketing activities in the United States. He brings years of expertise in developing customized strategies for each of AWS’ clients and frequently presents at workshops and conferences using various case studies to highlight how to develop effective marketing strategies for the US market. Areas of service include:

  • Completing research for developing entry strategies and evaluating channels to market
  • Completing partner searches and developing channels to market
  • Completing acquisition searches and identifying US companies to buy
  • Acting as a US office and providing ongoing marketing and business services
Tom Thorelli, Thorelli & Associates

The law firm of Thorelli & Associates specialises in working with small to medium sized European companies doing business in the US. With over 30 years’ experience, they help clients with:

  • Negotiating confidentiality and non-use, sales, agency, representative, distribution, and license agreements joint ventures and acquisitions (including legal due diligence)
  • Registering trademarks/copyrights
  • Organising companies
  • Negotiating leases
  • Securing different visas which may be necessary to staff the local operation
  • Helping to minimise the risk of product liability problems through a service called product liability preventive management
  • Dispute resolution and litigation matters.

To arrange a meeting please email Emily at e.simpson@chamberelancs.co.uk or call to book now on 01254 356473 – This event can be viewed online https://bit.ly/3wcv6uT

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