Six Connections: ‘You don’t need to be SAD AF to talk about your mental health’

Following the launch of BrewDog’s latest beer SAD AF, raising awareness of mental health, Six Connections want to improve the messaging and say that mental health conversations aren’t just for when you’re sad. They are in fact for when you’re happy, stressed, angry, excited and anything in between.

Founder Dave says:

We know CHATTY AF is a little bit cheeky, but we wanted to support and educate the conversations before things get SAD AF. This isn’t just seasonally or for those struggling. The idea of Chatty Amongst Friends is a positive message for everyone 24-7, 365 days of the year. We can all play our part to help our mates. Time to Talk Day seemed like the ideal time to get the conversation started.

Six Connections launched in 2021 with a unique (and equally BrewDog controversial) approach to enhancing the conversations around mental health #PoweredByMates.

As a result of founder, Dave Scholes’ personal mental health journey following the loss of a friend to suicide, Six Connections set out on a mission to save the world, one positive conversation at a time.

Drawing on his own experiences of the support of friends over a brew or a beer, Six Connections launched a range of ‘conversation starting’ products. Beers, brews and biscuits. Each with their own unique QR code, leading to a website of help and support for both the person struggling and the mate that wants to help, they focus on encouraging mental health conversations in the good times as well as the most difficult.


Based on the concept of Six Degrees of Separation, Six Connections take the idea that we can support anyone on the planet within six connections. Brought closer to home, if every individual speaks to another 6 people about mental health, offers a listening ear or takes the time to support a mate, then very soon we start to make an impact on a huge scale.

“If I could work through this, it felt like others could too. I wasn’t an expert, but with time and the right direction, I knew that, like me, everyone could learn more about managing their own mental health, what expert advice is available and what genuinely supporting others looks like.”

We want to help start the conversation around mental health, in normal places like the pub or at the footy. Products linked to conversation, to get the conversation going, with linked web support and training to back up the chat. It’s great that mental health is now firmly on the agenda, but the stigma is still there.

The reach that an organisation like BrewDog has is amazing. It really helps raise awareness. Maybe they would like to collab on a Chatty AF with us? It worked for Aldi, why not us.

We can all play our part. The answer is #PoweredByMates

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