Last month, East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce partner Business Health Matters kicked off the year with tips and advice on how to improve your team’s workplace health in 2022.

We know that every business is driven by the people working within it and without our employees feeling healthy and positive, productivity drops and businesses slow down.

So how do you get started in improving your employees’ workplace health? How can your business reap the benefits of a more resilient team? Below are just 3 ways to begin your journey in supporting your employees with their health and wellbeing:

  1. Survey your staff:

The best way to identify what needs to change is to ask questions. By using suggestion boxes, or simple survey software such as survey monkey, employees can anonymously answer questions on topics such as overall health, working environment, working culture and share their ideas for change. Why not empower one of your staff to become a Business Health Matters workplace health champion and they can lead on collating staff feedback?

  1. Motivate your team:

Group activities, competitions and challenges are great ways to motivate your team and spark more energy in the workplace. By running a physical activity competition, employees will be motivated to compete against each other and win a prize for their efforts. The competitions can be as challenging as you require them to be and could include a lunchtime press-up or squat contest, a team sport activity or a prize draw entry for each time an employee shows they have walked 10,000 steps in a month.

  1. Be flexible:

Many workplaces have embraced a more flexible approach to working over the last two years. Promoting an adaptable work pattern such as remote working and flexible hours can alleviate stress levels and allow employees to enjoy a more relaxed feel to the working day. Introducing wellbeing hours can have a huge impact on staff wellbeing, where employees are encouraged to take some time outdoors, exercise and do things they enjoy once or twice a week.

Workplace health begins with a single step and by considering just one of the suggestions above, your business will already be on the journey to a healthier and more productive future. If you’d like more support, including FREE training for your team and comprehensive screenings developed right here in Lancashire, please click here, or contact

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