Six Connections are delighted to announce their signposting partnership with nationally recognised, mental health supporters, the Hub of Hope.

The Hub of Hope app lists thousands of local and national mental health support services for individuals needing a little assistance and colleagues, family members and friends who want to support those they care about the most.

Six Connections founder Dave said:

This partnership is a huge deal for us. The Hub of Hope work nationally with organisations such as the NHS and National Rail. To be seen by someone we respect in our industry as a suitable partner, just shows how far we have come and our unique approach works.

We are the conversation starters around mental health and a bridge to the support people require. The Hub is the piece we needed. We know that starting the mental health conversation is a HUGE step but sometimes those conversations with mates need a little extra assistance. We wanted the best back up team.

We don’t claim to be the experts, but this is what makes us accessible. If someone like me can support myself and others, with the right tools and guidance anyone can. From a business perspective what we offer is very sustainable, easily accessible, and provides HUGE added value in and beyond the workspace.

Whether people connect through one of our beers, coffees or through our business delivery, we now have national support available 24-7, to enhance the conversations we start.

Mental health support in one click from a brew couldn’t be more Lancashire!

If you or someone you know is struggling, there is help available. Click the link to access on the Hub of Hope today 🧡 –

To find out how we can help your business support your people, please get in touch.

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Published On: January 14th, 2022
Six Connections