Love to Ride Lancashire: Winter Wheelers is coming…

Let’s wrap up and ride!

Running from the 1-25 December, Winter Wheelers is a cold-conquering competition from the folks at Love to Ride aimed at getting more people riding bikes through winter. The cold, wind and rain can deter people from riding a bike, but this cold-busting campaign aims to show that, with a little preparation, every day is a biking day.

Last year over 30,000 people took part, including over 2,600 new riders! They braved the breezes, flouted the frost and won loads of great prizes. This year will be bigger and better and [business name] is determined to prove that riding in winter is snow big deal!

For Winter Wheelers, it doesn’t matter if you ride every day or if you haven’t been on a bike in years, everyone’s invited to join in. Love to Ride are behaviour change experts who have refined their approach by helping hundreds of thousands of people around the world get into biking. With Quick Courses and tips articles aplenty, everyone registered with Love to Ride can access the tools they need to build their biking confidence. Each rider will receive tailored emails that address their barriers to riding and help them to get in the saddle.

There’s never been a better (or should I say ‘cooler’?) time to enjoy riding a bike! It’s a good way to ensure you are getting enough daily exercise, as well as an easy and safe way to travel from A to B while avoiding traffic. It’s also an effective way to feel connected with the world and avoid low moods, even when the days are short and the light is low.

As more of us return to work it’s an ideal time for everyone to embrace all the benefits riding a bike can bring:

💪 Boost your physical health – even a 10-minute bike ride will start supercharging your immune system and raise your heart rate.

🧠 Improve your mental health – riding a bike can make you feel happier and more connected to your surroundings compared to other modes of transportation.

😌 Reduce stress and anxiety – any form of physical activity is good for releasing endorphins and reducing stress.

🌍 Make an impact on your environment – reduce your carbon footprint by leaving the car at home

Taking part in Winter Wheelers is easy. You only have to ride for ten minutes to be entered into the daily draw.

So how does it work?

  • Register for free at
  • Log your bike rides before 3pm the following day
  • Wait and see if you won! There are prizes to be won every day and one lucky winner will receive a text on Christmas Day saying they won a bike.

Register for Winter Wheelers to conquer the cold, axe the anxiety, enhance your energy and heighten your happy!

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Published On: November 16th, 2021
Love to Ride