Lancashire Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) Focus Groups

East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce and North and Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce in partnership, are one of eight UK Chambers of Commerce collaborations appointed to spearhead the government-led ‘Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP)’ initiative, which aims to address concerns that employers do not have enough influence over courses and skills offered in their  local area and struggle to find skilled employees.

The success of this initiative is very much dependent on the willingness of employers to engage and participate in the completion of surveys, focus groups and one to one interviews.

Following the Lancashire Employer Survey, we are now in the process of organising a series of focus groups ranging from sector specific to cross themed and we’d very much welcome your involvement.

To minimise disruption to your busy working day, each focus group will take place online with sessions lasting no more than one hour.

If we can count on your support, could you please indicate from the following which focus group is relevant to your business and email directly with your preference. We’ll then send you over a link for your chosen meeting(s).


Advanced Manufacturing – 15/11/2021, 10am
Manufacturing – 15/11/2021, 2pm
Service – 16/11/2021, 10am
Transport & Distribution – 16/11/2021, 2pm
Energy & Environmental – 17/11/2021, 10am
Construction – 17/11/2021, 2pm


Internationalisation – 18/11/2021, 10am
Digitalisation – 18/11/2021, 2pm
The Move to Net Zero – 19/11/2021, 10am
Sales & Marketing – 19/11/2021, 2pm

Cross Sector Employers Groups:

22/11/2021, 11am
24/11/2021, 11am
26/11/2021, 11am

Employees Group:

25/11/2021, 11am

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Published On: November 9th, 2021