IN4 Talent launches to disrupt the technology recruitment market

A technology recruitment specialist starts as it means to go on by working with employers to inform a tailored technology talent provision, which includes a comprehensive diversity and inclusivity support service.

IN4 Talent, the joint venture between technology talent development leaders IN4 Group and technology recruitment experts Langham Recruitment, is working with leading technology employers in the region such as Siemens, Cisco, Missguided and Codurance, to inform its talent solution provision.

The roundtable discussion was held on the stunning seventh floor of HOST Social at HOST, the Home of Skills & Technology, and it explored current recruitment demands from employers and the changing landscape of future technology talent in the region.

The digital skills gap was a key topic of discussion as a majority found it difficult to find the right skills and technical knowledge at the right time and retain it. Developing new talent while also trying to upskill current employees to close the skills gaps within their talent pools has also been hugely challenging.

Scarcity of mid to senior-level talent available

It was found that the technology recruitment industry also seems to be recycling the same talent as employers have found that there is a scarcity of mid to senior-level talent available.

The employers also highlighted the importance of diversity and inclusivity as part of the recruitment process and understanding how to reach those from disadvantaged, or underrepresented backgrounds, to ensure they have access to job opportunities.

While it was recognised that diversity is still a huge issue for the tech sector in general, it has been particularly difficult to attract women and support them into leadership roles. Overall, it was felt that supporting young people from an early age and encouraging them to engage with the sector would be of huge value towards future-proofing technology talent.

A recent Women in Technology report found that women make up only 19 per cent of the tech sector’s workforce. In a bid to readdress this balance, IN4 Talent supports companies to change their culture by offering diversity and inclusivity experts who can provide practical support to recruit and retain diverse talent.

Mo Isap, CEO of IN4 Group, said:

“IN4 Talent is unique as it is linked to HOST’s Skills City, a powerhouse of digital skills bootcamps, with the ability to unlock new talent from communities that are underrepresented in technology, therefore, moving away from a zero-sum game to create a new and diverse talent pipeline.

“IN4 Talent has been created to disrupt the technology recruitment market and provide tangible solutions for employer challenges in the tech sector. We also operate a try before you buy model so employers can make better recruitment decisions by placing commercial projects into the Skills City bootcamps. This talent on-demand approach offers flexibility for employers and by providing entry-level tech talent all the way up to C level, means they can be further upskilled to meet the exact needs of the employer.”

Andy Almond, Managing Director of IN4 Talent, has worked in technology recruitment for over 20 years and has seen a huge transformation in the labour market due to Covid-19. He said:

“It’s completely reimagining the whole talent marketplace. By looking at skills, what you need from a mid to senior-level, changing that mindset and thinking about what the talent within your organisation is going to look like in five years – we’re going to win that war today by changing our behaviour now.”

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Published On: October 28th, 2021