LC Automation – leading technical distributor of Automation, Control and Safety Products and certified panel builder based in Blackburn, Lancashire – are boosting businesses across the county by facilitating their selling of machinery into the USA (and other export markets that have adopted the UL standards).

Any control panel that is installed in a US factory must be designed and built to strict UL specifications by a UL Certified Industrial Control Panel Builder, but UL Approval is a big investment in time and money. On average, it will take 6 months and cost £10,000 to get approved, plus an additional £3,500 per year to maintain a UL listing. For firms just starting to export who are unsure about the potential returns, that kind of an investment may be a risk many are not willing to take.

The company takes an existing control panel design; checks it uses the right components and adapts it to meet UL 508A standards. Then the new design is used to build a control panel, thoroughly test and supply customers with the all-important documentation and UL Approved serial number and plate indication. This will help to ensure the export and installation of the control panel is as quick and trouble free as possible – allowing firms to get on with the rest of their business.

If you want to target the US market with your control panels or machinery without investing the time and money to become UL approved, talk to Marc Wheeler at LC Automation on 01254 685900 or email The experienced engineers at LC Automation will be happy to work with you, giving you the option of becoming fully UL approved.

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Published On: May 11th, 2021
LC Automation