Falkonair, Stafford, UK & Wellington, Florida based manufacturers, have created an innovative a solution to the HVAC-R market problem of inefficient fixed speed compressors.

Their Smart Compressor Control (SCC) is taking the market by storm. It is a software system that can be retrofitted to most 3phase fixed speed compressors, making them more reliable and up to 30% more efficient in conjunction with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD). The SCC is compatible with major VFD manufacturers such as Schneider Electric, ABB, Yaskawa, Teco Westinghouse, Rockwell, Invertek and Fuji.


The Smart Compressor Control (SCC) V1

One of their recently published case studies confirmed savings of 33% and the customer testimonial was, as follows:

“We are always looking at introducing new technologies to further reduce utility spend as this is one of our client’s largest costs. We met with the Falkonair Team to gain an understanding of how the SCC/VFD system could benefit our clients with a conservative projection of 25% and after being presented the technology it made sense to trial.

“It has been 5 months now and the system is delivering exceeded expectations of savings. We are certainly looking forward to seeing what further savings can be achieved in the height of summer this year.”

Leonel Trujillo, CEO: Inland Mechanical Services.

Falkonair’s CEO Chris Micallef said:

“We are committed to innovating new technologies that reduce energy consumption for the HVAC-R industry and currently have global partners to help us achieve just that in Turkey, South Africa, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the US.”

To join a free webinar to learn more about this revolutionary technology, visit www.falkonair.com.

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