CoolKit, leading converter of temperature-controlled vehicles, has invested more than £2.4m in new van stock, ready to meet the most urgent demands of its customers now that they are emerging from the pandemic.

Pre-empting a widely published shortage of vehicle stock arising from delays caused by a global shortage of semiconductors due to Covid-19, Burnley business, CoolKit, has wasted no time in identifying and securing more than 100 new vans to be converted to carry refrigerated loads.

Rupert Gatty, CoolKit CEO, said:

“In our 15 years in business, CoolKit has built a strong reputation among suppliers and partners, which, during the pandemic has enabled us to navigate difficult situations during lockdown, including near total closure of dealer networks and the DVLA.

“The customers who placed orders with us during this time absolutely valued our capacity to get the work done straightaway without compromising on the quality they have come to expect from CoolKit.

“By continuing to be prepared in this way we can help to eliminate delays in vehicle sourcing – which is especially valuable whilst there are other delays we cannot control, such as those at the DVLA.

“The first of the new stock is now arriving, and we are ready with a stock of insulating kits and refrigeration units to suit a wide variety of different applications including chilled, frozen and multi-temperature.”

To suit all budgets and operations, the new stock includes fossil-fuelled and electrically powered vans from a wide range of manufacturers including Vauxhall, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Citroen, Renault, MAN as well as newcomer SAIC Maxus.

CoolKit is also uniquely positioned to incorporate whole-life refrigeration maintenance packages into the price of their vans.

By employing their own network of engineers CoolKit can provide optimum reliability and fleet uptime for small fleet operators as part of their purchase for the first time.

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Published On: April 22nd, 2021