Leading figures from the world of television, sports and industry have joined dedicated Burnley College Sixth Form Centre Tutors to deliver a series of motivational seminars to students during the latest lockdown.

The popular online talks have now been viewed by more than 2000 students after they requested additional support from Tutors to keep their motivation levels high during this crucial time.

The successful talks have covered diverse range of topics from mental health and emotional wellbeing to achieving success in business to leading an inspirational charity. Key figures have included former Burnley FC player and mental health champion Clarke Carlisle, star of hit TV show “The Apprentice” Adam Corbally, the Director of National Careers Week and a representative of the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Several Tutors also shared their experiences and inspirational stories. A recent talk by History Tutor, Ed Cox about the healing power of theatre had a profound effect on many students, including Advanced Level Dance student Eloise Hartley-Medlen, who said:

“It was really emotional to hear how theatre could be used as a way to help with grief, showing you shouldn’t take things for granted and should make the most of everything.”

Health and Wellbeing Officer at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre, Amber Tither said:

“The student voice is so important to us here at Burnley College and we are always responsive to their requests and needs. Students asked us for some additional activities to really boost their motivation at a time when a time when the nation as a whole was coming to terms with a third lockdown – and we delivered. 

“We have a passionate and dedicated student council. We empower every student by making sure they know their words have power and we are always listening.

Burnley College

“Burnley College excels harnessing the skills, knowledge and expertise we have right here – and with our contacts around the world – to make sure every student receives the ultimate educational experience and the support they need to achieve their dreams. This came to the fore when arranging, scheduling and delivering this inspirational series.”

Paul Whittaker, Head of Student Service at Burnley College Sixth Form Centre said:

“We’ve welcomed some outstanding guest speakers for our BC Talks, and we’ve also seen our Tutors really make an impact too. Hearing them speak with such insight, passion and enthusiasm has left a lasting impression on our students.”

“It’s about giving students inspiration and aspirations, in the academic sense, and the wider context of the world, offering support and answers for the challenges we all face and to see the endless possibilities open to them.”

“The talks were so powerful, they’ve been life changing.”

Burnley College’s commitment to delivering the Ultimate Student Experience. Academically the college is recognised as the Number 1 College in England in the Government’s achievement tables for students aged 16-18. It offers an unrivalled extra-curricular programme to enrich students’ studies and support their development as individuals.

There’s still an opportunity to apply for A-Levels, Vocational, T-Levels and Themis Apprenticeship this September and be part of this outstanding experience.

See burnley.ac.uk for individual support and guidance.

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Published On: April 20th, 2021
Burnley College