Denise Fieldhouse has launched her brand-new wellbeing coaching service, providing both short and long-term solutions to the negative effects being experienced by many during the ongoing pandemic.

With social working environments temporarily halted for many, mental and overall wellbeing has never been more important. In a positive step forward, this new coaching service offers an opportunity for you to take time out, discuss your current challenges and work towards solutions which are tailored to you and your business.

What is Wellbeing Coaching?

Wellbeing coaching is a collaborative and confidential process, working in partnership with you to offer support whilst you explore any current challenges, consider your options, make choices and take action. It is holistic in nature, encompassing more than physical and mental health.

Wellbeing coaching can help with immediate short-term challenges. It can also be used more pro-actively before issues arise, thus building a strong foundation from which you can deal with pressure and stress when they arise.

Why Now?

Our wellbeing is more important than ever in these very challenging times. It means something different to everyone and coaching is an ideal way to support you to find your unique level of wellbeing which will help to build your resilience and ability to deal with challenge and adversity.

Wellbeing is important for all members of staff and may be particularly useful for leaders and managers who are key to the success of your business and may neglect their own needs, feel isolated and be expected to stay strong whilst providing support for their teams.

Wellbeing coaching makes real business sense

Public Health England (PHE) found that 9.9 million days were lost in 2014/2015 due to work related stress, depression or anxiety. More recently, PHE found that self-reported mental health and wellbeing worsened during the pandemic and still remains worse that pre-pandemic levels.

Wellbeing coaching can be a cost-effective solution to help address these issues. Research suggests that coaching can have a positive impact on sickness absence, individual performance, workplace stress, anxiety, and employee morale.

Feedback on the service has been described as ‘transformational’ for teams, and a ‘huge asset and source of strength and support’.

Denise can offer, one-to-one, group or team coaching and can be contacted on 07754 201944 or

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Published On: February 24th, 2021
Wellbeing Coaching Denise