This isn’t the first time James has taken part in fundraising events for Nightsafe.

Having listened to his friend BeBe talk about the charity and how it supports homeless young people as well as taking part in the Stonyhurst Sleep-In last year, James decided he wanted to create his own personal challenge to raise money for other young people who are not as fortunate as himself.

James said:

“Whilst I was out building snowmen I kept thinking about the young people who have to sleep out in the snow and freezing cold. I know lockdown is hard and being away from my family and friends isn’t nice, but at least I have a lovely home and a comfy bed!”

James is also really missing playing rugby and had started running to keep himself busy. He said:

“I enjoy running, it has been keeping me fit for when I can play rugby again. During my challenge I will run 5K every day and give myself a day off on Sunday. I will finish my 150K challenge by running up and down Pendle Hill on 28th February.”

James has even roped his parents into the challenge. His mum Helen is keeping track of his Kilometres, steps and times whilst his dad James is joining him on some of his runs. Helen said:

“We are so proud of James. When he came up with his challenge and his aim to run up and down Pendle Hill on the last day we did explain that it wouldn’t be easy, but when he replied: “Neither is sleeping on the streets” what can you say?”

James and his parents made contact with Pam Holgate, fundraising Co-Ordinator for Nightsafe and a plan was quickly created. Pam said:

“Running 150K during February will be an incredible achievement, especially when James is including Pendle Hill in his challenge! It always gives me an extra glow in my heart when I hear of young people fundraising for their peers, and James has really thought about those young people who are less fortunate than himself and how he can help them. From all at Nightsafe we wish James lots of luck, keep sharing your distances and stay safe, you are a true inspiration for other young people.”

To donate to James’s JustGiving page please visit:

Without the help of supporters, Nightsafe wouldn’t be able to do what they do. Thank you to all the #NightsafeHeroes.

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Published On: February 5th, 2021